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The Vortex of Loneliness in the Elderly, Leading Cause of Stroke and Heart Disease

September 1, 2018

Social isolation is one of the leading causes of stroke and heart disease among the aging population. As we get older, we lose more and more contact with loved ones when we mourn the loss of a spouse, parent, or unfortunate death of a child. Retirement and loss of mobility due to arthritis or other health conditions are also factors of social alienation. According to a journal Heart, perceived social isolation, or loneliness, is responsible for 30% increased risk of stroke and coronary artery disease. Researchers link loneliness to a compromised immune system. A-1 Home Care in Whittier makes a long-last contribution to the aging community with high quality 24-hour companion care.

Reduce Perceived Loneliness, Prevent Alzheimer’s & Dementia

The presence of a warm, friendly 24-hour caregiver makes a big difference in the daily lives of seniors. Not only does it help to have delightful company around the house, but 24-hour care in Whittier deters the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia because it brings face-to-face social contact to seniors day in and day out. If your elderly loved ones live alone, live-in and live-out caregivers will help them use smart technology to connect to their loved ones in nearby cities, other states or even countries. A-1 Home Care’s certified home health aides are the bridge between isolated seniors and the outside world. If your elderly loved ones can no longer drive, our caregivers provide transportation so that your parents can engage in activities with other seniors in the community.

About A-1 Home Care in Whittier

A-1 Home Care’s 25 years of elder care services have left an indelible imprint in the hearts of seniors throughout Whittier, Downey, Pico Rivera, Cerritos, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and other cities throughout Los Angeles County. A-1 Home Care has become the benchmark in superior 24-hour in-home care services when it comes to trust, compassion, integrity, competence, reliability and fidelity. We demonstrate our commitment to personable elder care services in our first line of communication – our phone lines. Whenever you call (562) 929-8400, you will always get through to a real human being. Our phone lines are open 24 hours, 365 days a year, including major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Multiple Sclerosis Care Available for Seniors in Downey

Most people have heard of Multiple Sclerosis (or MS) but not many people actually know what it is, how it is caused, or what the symptoms entail?

Posted September 1st, 2014

"I have been very impressed with your A-1 Home Care Agency since I used your services personally. I was extremely pleased with the assistance you provided. I have referred several friends to your service and thought this may be another way to let everyone know what a fantastic service you provide. Thank you for the wonderful work you do with providing assistance in our homes."

- Jeanne of Downey Regional Medical Center
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